The Art of Research VI Conference

I will be presenting my first published paper Monet and me – The story of an inspiration.

Here is an extract:

"Every practitioner faces moments when the work is not advancing well and enthusiasm is lost. During these moments, merely the thought of my sources of inspiration gave me the necessary desire to go on with my work. I felt no loneliness, but instead a sense of belonging between me and my sources of inspiration. I had managed to build an entire imaginary universe of the bits and pieces that I had come across during my research, and this supported the empty moments of the process of creation. This, then, is the most powerful discovery: visiting Monet’s garden gave me a site-specific memory and an imaginary home for my inspiration process. This vision was transformed further during my process while following my needs and ideals. For me, Giverny represented a place of eternal summer just like it was when I last visited it and as it was in my photographs. Some moments when I was lacking serenity, I opened the imaginary door to silent, oval halls of Orangerie filled with water lilies. In my imagination, the garden of Giverny and the museum of Orangerie were situated side by side. I had ended up by creating a miniature utopia of my own; imagination is a forceful tool."

My rug Broken flowers will be presented for the first time in the conference exhibition.


Broken flowers rug (2017, hand-tufted, 200cm x 135cm). Photo by Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, 2017.

Broken flowers rug (2017, hand-tufted, 200cm x 135cm). Photo by Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, 2017.

Special Jury’s Mention from International Textile Competition

My rug project received a Special Jury’s Mention from 2017 Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize in NYC yesterday. I feel honoured! This is how the jury described my work: 

"Also giving reference to the rain, Hanna-Kaisa’s The House of Rain is a sumptuously-soft range of rugs and cushions in mohair that are a cosy antidote to today’s difficult times. Hanna-Kaisa wanted to see how sketches made with water could be developed into textiles and how sources of inspiration influence the process and the outcome.

Her textile’s surface resembles thick, dense fur where original motifs are blurred and almost disappear, because of the richness of the material. When brushed open, the mohair becomes organic and almost animal-like, it even feels warm. Its three-dimensional surface seems active as if it was alive and reaching out."

Thank you Jury and Studio Edelkoort, which curated the competition!

Exhibition will be open until 24th of September in the The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY. If you go, please sent me photos!



Finalist in the Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize 2017

Good news, my rug project was selected as finalist in the international competition, Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize 2017 curated by Edelkoort Inc. Actually my "scratched series" jacquard blanket was finalist already in 2015, but this time around it is a bigger project. I am very happy to tell that my works will be in the exhibition in New York from 14–24.9.2017 (The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY). as part of the New York Textile Month's Talking Textiles happening.


Orangerie – Paradis

Orangerie is one of my favourite places on earth. I can return there again and again. The guardians of exhibition are so funny, they are all the time saying SHHH SHHH, as you are suppose to be silent in this sanctuary. Can you imagine that Monet actually painted these paintings as a gift for French nation? Master Monet; this oeuvre that was his last is bursting with passion and modernity!


Photos: Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen

Pre Helsinki Pop Up @Artek Helsinki

Pre Helsinki Pop Up shop is organised at Artek in Helsinki 13.5.–20.5. Some of my designs will also be on display, rug cushions, silk and wool shirts, linen pillowcases and aquarelles. Also magnificent collection e.g. form Aalto International and Juslin–Maunula are present. Welcome!

Press release from the Milan Design Week 2017

Here is a copy of the press release from Milan Design Week. My exhibition "The House of Play and Rain" was exhibited along with Aalto University students and researchers. Happily I had my own space inside Circolo Filologico Milanese. I could have not been happier.

"The House of Play and Rain is an exhibition project by designer and artist Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen. Her works are situated on the edge of textile design and fine arts. Currently Korolainen is preparing her artistic research for Aalto University.

Rugs and woven jacquards combine influences from the imaginary Paris of the 1920’s mixed up with the artist’s childhood scenery, Finland in the 1970’s and its bright colours and patterns. Design work is done as much as possible with the hands and as little as possible with the computer. Sketching is the heart of everything; it is the decisive moment of the process. Chosen materials; mohair wools and silks create a comforting and soft texture. Designs are created for use by living people rather than for sitting on the shelf in the shop. 

This exhibition is the first one in series of three. Inspiration sources include various artists from French artist Raoul Dufy to German expressionist Emil Nolde. The strongest impact on the exhibition were the 1920’s textile designs by Dufy, his spirit seems to inhabit the exhibition artworks. The House of Play and Rain invites the spectators to observe what is original and what is borrowed."

Milan Design Week 2017

I was honoured to take part Milan Design Week, Fuorisalone this year. My work was exhibited in Circle Filologico Milanese, Via Clerici 10. I hope to return to Milan year, I think I am totally addicted to the Design Week now. Also, the weather was specially lovely this year!